Watercolour Beauty and Cosmetics Illustrations / by Kate England

  Watercolour Cosmetics  by Kate England. 

Watercolour Cosmetics by Kate England. 

Introducing a collection with 42 stylish Watercolour Cosmetics

  • Packaging for lotions, jars and bottles for bath, shower, toiletry, shampoo, soap, shower, deodorant, lip and skin balms and other beauty and skin care products. 
  • Makeup. Lipsticks, nail polish, mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, powder, blusher. 
  • Tools and brushes for applying cosmetics.

Designed as a graphic resource for fashion and beauty blogs, small business packaging, categories for cosmetics, and handmade bath and beauty products. Take a look

  Watercolour Cosmetics   by Kate England. 

Watercolour Cosmetics by Kate England.