A New Portfolio / by Kate England

 Self-portrait. Mixed media: charcoal + digital. 

Self-portrait. Mixed media: charcoal + digital. 

A new portfolio. A fresh beginning. A new year. A new space reflecting where I am just now in my creative expression. 

An Empty Page

An empty page. So full of possibilities. Invention and reinvention. A new me? A new aspect of myself? A new perspective on my past and on the art I'm creating now. It's like making new friends, telling your story from where you are just now in your life. The perspective ever shifting.  

An empty page, and just as I'm about to hit publish, I fill up with doubt. This one? That one? Is this really good enough to go in my portfolio? Or that? Or back to the drawing board? I tweak and fiddle and change my mind, until I realise that I can go on doing that perpetually. So I take a deep breath and hit publish