Meditation for the Modern Mind / by Kate England

Here our hero is connected to the city in the background. One of the skyscrapers is her iPhone, and her cord is attached to that. She's distracted by the busy city life and her digital environment. 

When I drew the cityscape, I thought about Joan Holloway. I researched the streets and skyscrapers of her working life. Manhattan, Madison Avenue that's been synonymous with the American advertising industry since the 1920's and Madison Square with its landmark buildings. The building to the left in my illustration is the Metropolitan Life Tower, next you see her iPhone, then One Madison and to the right the Empire State Building.

When I'd finished twirling the cord for her headset round the skyscrapers, and attached it to her iPhone, I experimented with the colour for the background. Midnight blue, orange or light blue? Choices, choices...  I went with the deep blue in the end, and signed my piece.