Make Art That Sells. Poster Design & Hand Lettering / by Kate England

Here's an event poster for the advertising market that's part of the 2015 Make Art That Sells: Assignment Bootcamp. It's a live brief, which gives it an extra thrilling feeling!

I made quite a few sketches, but when I started thinking about the audience, the project seemed to fall into place. The audience is described as: 

  • living in Brighton (where the poster will be displayed) 
  • cool and artistic
  • men and women

I had thought of drawing scenery from Brighton, but that might come off as a touristy for people who live there.  The other obvious aspect to focus on is art, inspiration and meeting other artists, since that's what the event is about.

Hmm... in the end I settled for this more designy and edgy layout, incorporating globes and lines that are inspired by maps and journeys. The flowerlike shape is inspired by the architecture of the Brighton Dome, the scalloped shapes around the entrance as well as the ceiling of the concert hall. Flowers, blooming, growing your art and your connections... and going on a journey. 

I've combined a 3-D treatment of a sans serif font and a hand drawn, single line vector script font that I started creating for the editorial illustration But I don't like to meditate and wall art piece Bloom Where You Are Planted that you can see below.

Speaking of quotes, and blooming, I'm not sure where it comes from, but it's one of my favourites. Bloom Where You Are Planted. Sometimes typography plays a role in my work, especially hand lettering created either with vectors or with ink. In the Hand Drawn Food Kit there's quite a number of words and phrases to go with the illustrations. I really enjoy it, and it's an area I'm thinking of expanding with quotes. Hand lettering would also fit nicely into my dream idea for making an illustrated recipe book... Daydreams to turn into actions...