Magnolia / by Kate England



In the Old Town, the medieval part of Stockholm, narrow passages and alleyways, cobbled stones. Suddenly I see a magnolia tree in full pink blossom. Almost a surreal sight. I'd been to have my hair cut at my friend Maria Ulrika's salon.

Stepping out on the street my eyes were wide open and I made new discoveries on streets I'm very familiar with. 

Art Bookshop Blå Älv

A fantastic mix of old & new art, books, cards, maps, film posters, notebooks & design! I poke around and chat with the owner, who is an art historian. Settled for five catalogues of artwork to use for my collages. Bollhusgränd 8, Gamla Stan.

Barber: Frisören Herbert Patzer

A visit to Herbert Patzer is like a visit into your childhood, or someone else's. A long time favourite of politicians, lawyers, artists and authors. Complete with barber pole. Bollhusgränd 6, Gamla Stan.  

Tidningen Skriva

Swedish magazine for people who write. An inspiring mix of inspiration. I'm still flicking through the pages, reading, thinking. 

Petite France

A culinary French dream come true in Stockholm. Café au lait. Quiche au Lorraine. Bœuf bourguignon. Macaroons. You name it, this is the real thing! John Ericssonsgatan 6, Kungsholmen.