Halloween Makeover at the Iconfactory / by Kate England

 Me as the Evil Queen. Illustration by  Kyle Webster.

Me as the Evil Queen. Illustration by Kyle Webster.

Every Halloween, The Iconfactory is transformed into a spooky version of itself. A wicked double! A spooky incarnation of itself populated by zombies, pumpkins, monsters, vampires, witches, werewolves, ghosts, and, haunted houses.

The Halloween makeover combines the imagination of artists with the attention to detail and understanding of user interface of designers. This is the signature style of the Iconfactory that helps us create beautiful software experiences for clients all over the world. But here we've added a dash of humour! 

 Logotypes recreated for Halloween. 

Logotypes recreated for Halloween. 

This year part of the makeover includes scary portraits of all of us employees, you can see mine above! It's Ged's friend, talented illustrator Kyle Webster who created these wonderful portraits for us. 

It's always fascinating to see an artist's creative process, to see the magic unfold, with your own eyes. Take a look at the video below to see how Kyle painted his portrait of talented designer Mindy Weaver (you can find her on Twitter as @batzz). 


Check out Kyle's work, his marvellous brushes for Photoshop and of course the frightful Iconfactory Halloween Makeover! Boo!