Developing Your Style or Staying Consistent? / by Kate England

This spring and summer has been a tremendously creative time for me. I've set time aside to develop my style, adding fresh signature pieces to my portfolio. I've explored different artistic media, trends, palettes, different markets and it's been incredibly fun!

My favourite parts were drawing people (dancers in motion & an illustration for an editorial about yoga), as well as hand lettering and floaty watercolours. This artwork felt so "me"! My vector illustrations have developed a kind of expressive "paper cut" feeling that I'm very happy with. 

Then something unexpected happened, I discovered my wild patterns. They kind of came to me, and just pour out of me... I can't stop making them! But... they really don't fit together with my illustrative work, do they? And now I don't know what to do! 

Then again, the wild patterns are more abstract than illustrative, in a way they belong to a different genre?

I've got caught between wanting to present a clear and consistent style that defines my work and wanting to evolve and experiment in my personal pieces... Perhaps I could create an alter ego, like an author's pen name, for the wild patterns? It seems like a lot of work though! 

I'm going to experiment further to see if I can marry the two styles. Perhaps I can use the wild patterns as a texture in my illustrations... We'll see how it goes!