Cuckoo Clocks: More Sketches / by Kate England


This spring I'd like to take some time to develop my style, adding fresh signature pieces to my portfolio. Explore trends, palettes and create a strong body of work that's ready to sell in multiple markets. When my fiend Wini suggested that we join the Assignment Bootcamp from art agent Lilla Rogers, it sounded like a perfect way to stay on track and inspired with this project. And an extra bonus to be working side by side with my friend! 

As you probably suspect by now, the first assignment of the bootcamp is based around cuckoo clocks. The first conceptualising phase has been wonderfully playful. When I was sketching my cuckoo clocks, I realised that they are little worlds, inhabited environments, and it lead me from bird houses and nests, to a 50s ski lodge and then to these cuckoo clocks with a twist, the weather clock and the tropical clock. Lots of fun!