Starry Sky. The Story of a Pattern / by Kate England


We arrived at dusk. Veils of fog moving, twirling across the fields and meadows. In Swedish folklore, fog on the ground means that the elves are dancing. As we unpacked the car, the full moon rose and we were transfixed by the groans of elks echoing across the fields. 

We were at Edmund and Anne's cottage in the countryside. A farmhouse originally built in the 1700s and that slowly expanded with new additions throughout the centuries.

We lit a fire in the fireplace and poured a glass of wine. Went out in the garden and turned our heads up to face the sky. The stars were so bright. We could see so many more than we can back home in our city. We saw the Milky Way and we saw three shooting stars. 

Yes. I could picture how we have watched the stars for generations. Especially in the days before electricity when we started occupying ourselves with TV, social media and the internet. We've imagined constellations, looked for patterns in the sky, seen shapes and figures in the heavens and given them names. I could imagine how the people who lived in this house, hundreds of years ago, turned their heads towards the stars at the end of a long day of hard work. Seeking solace. Comfort. Beauty. Dreams and stories to tell by the fireplace.  

And that was the seed of inspiration that started a new collection of Starry Sky patterns. Stay tuned to see how the project develops.