Brand Story / by Kate England

 Brand Identity: A Brand Story

Brand Identity: A Brand Story

Visual Brand Story

My starting point for a brand identity project is to create a concept sketch of your visual brand story. Once the brand story has been established I can start translating it into a visual brand identity that connects on an emotional level with your clients and customers. 

The Marmalade Moon Story

Here's the brand story for Marmalade Moon as well as the story for how I came up with the name.  

It was August, I was designing a web site for myself and my digital art, but what was it going to be called?I had visited some friends in their summer cottage in the archipelago. We had been picking cherries in their garden.

Standing at a bus stop, half way back to town, waiting for my bus to arrive on a dusty road, the moon rose, behind dark pine trees. It was huge. And orange. Like marmalade. Marmalade Moon.