Designing A Visual Brand Identity / by Kate England

 iPhone photo: branding supplies

iPhone photo: branding supplies

Handmade Products

Together with friends and family, we're planning a Christmas Market in the studio, offering a small range of different handmade products that we're creating based on the designs in the French Collection. Custom made curtains, tea towels, iPhone covers and mini posters are a few of the things we're making. Lots of new things to learn, and it's exciting to see how these patterns work on everyday objects. 

Visual Brand Identity

We'll need to brand these products and so I'm creating a visual identity with a hand-lettered label. I'd like to keep the procedure simple and on a small budget, by creating an all-purpose design that works for these products as well as for business cards and as design elements here on my portfolio website. The labels will be customised by hand, adding specific information such as ingredients, best before date, care instructions and so on. 

Branding and Packaging Supplies

My first dose of inspiration comes from a practical point of view. What kind of label will I use? How will it be attached to the product? What will the packaging be like? Manila tags, string and rubber stamps can be combined to create a variation on theme that fits a variety of different use, such as letterheads, packaging, receipts, posters and business cards. 

Handcrafted Aesthetics

Handmade aesthetics emphasise the handmade, unique, quality aspect of the project and honour the lost art of penmanship and hand-drawn lettering. It's a good fit for boutique projects and highlight the personal connection between customer and creator. In this project I'd like to combine vintage aesthetics with contemporary influences into a modern, minimalist style. 

Next I'll show you my mood board and brand story. Stay tuned to see how this project develops!