Picnic. My Project for the Summer. / by Kate England

 Picnic. Visual brainstorm / illustration.  

Picnic. Visual brainstorm / illustration.  

I've set myself up with a creative project for the summer. My theme is picnic. Here is my initial moodboard or visual brainstorm. I plan to create a pattern, an animation and a handwritten font inspired by this theme. Stop by my journal to follow along with the story behind my work and creative process. 


noun, verb, pic·nicked, pic·nick·ing

  1. an excursion or outing in which the participants carry food with them and share a meal in the open air
  2. the food eaten on such an excursion 
  3. an enjoyable experience or time, an easy task, etc
  4.  from French piquenique (1690s), perhaps a reduplication of piquer "to pick, peck," from Old French, or the second element may be nique "worthless thing," from a Germanic source. Figurative sense of "something easy" is from 1886.