Swedish Publishing Award

The Swedish Publishing Award

The Swedish Publishing Award

As an artist who works a lot in digital media, it's always extra fun to see your work in print. The digital experience has its own charm, but it can't compete with the feeling of turning a page, the tactile sense of touch as your finger runs over paper or fabric.

In September, I got my copy of Swedish Illustrators & Graphic Designers, and it was a kick to see my artwork on the paper pages in such dazzling company of talented illustrators and designers.  

Last week, Illustratörcentrum (The Illustrator's Centre) was awarded the prestigious Swedish Publishing Award (Swedish: Svenska Publishing-Priset) for Swedish illustrators & graphic designers A-Ö 2013The jury's motivation: for an impressive, cohesive catalogue that makes the reader laugh but also blows your mind with the wealth of talent in this country

 There's so much amazing art in this book and it's inspiring and see so many different styles, ideas and techniques! You can get your copy of the catalogue here