Free Printable Colouring Book - Thanks a Bunch by Kate England


I turned this illustration into a free printable colouring book. I think of this image as Blooms Between, or Thanks a Bunch, and it would be lovely to colour and keep. Just as perfect as giving it away as a birthday card or thank-you note.

A hand holds a bunch of flowers and leaves. There are roses, clematis, and bluebells. A butterfly lands on the tip of a finger. Perhaps the butterfly is a messenger? 

I'd love to see what you create! I hope you have fun making this colouring page your own!

 Free printable colouring page by Kate England. Roses, bluebells, clematis joined into a bunch. 

Free printable colouring page by Kate England. Roses, bluebells, clematis joined into a bunch. 

My First Font: Sweet Peas by Kate England

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I've always dreamed of making my own font and this summer when I was on holiday I got the chance to dig into the project. On rainy days and sometimes during the evenings, I'd sit down with a cup of tea, turning my calligraphy handwriting into a font that has multilingual support. The font's name, Sweet Peas Font, is inspired by the garden. 

Sweet Peas Font is a bohemian, modern calligraphy font. A hand written artistic typeface, full of energy and playful elegance. It's a free spirit.

In September by Kate England

 The Victoria cinema. 

The Victoria cinema. 


  • The Ebb & Flow of Creativity: I miss my holiday in August when I had the time and space to be creative just for my own sake. Write pages and pages in longhand. Read. Sit on the garden wall and paint. Make a typeface based on my calligraphy. Pick sweet peas, blackberries and Victoria plums in the garden. Walk to the village. Watch The Crown together. Shared meals. Conversations. On holiday with John. I wish I could have stayed longer. 
  • Film:  Ruben Östlund’s The Square with June. 
  • Radio: Sommar with Ruben ÖstlundLisa Langseth and Fredrik Backman.
  • Weekend Project: Dinner party with my friends. Boeuf Bourguignon. A green salad with lemon dressing. Mashed potatoes. Apple pie from Normandie. Connections. Wine. Laughter. 
  • In my Kitchen: Beetroots and a big bunch of parsley from the farmers' market.
  • ReadingNeoliberalism: the idea that swallowed the world
  • Writing: Memories, dreams and thoughts. 
  • On my Mind: Louise and YES - Yorkshire Existential Society. Generative art. Crinodendron ElaeocarpaceaeAda Lovelace. Wasps. An alphabet of emotions. And mourning Jane. 
  • Scent: Green Tea and Honey Drops. Elizabeth Arden's body lotion. 
  • On my balcony: Shades of pink and purple blossoms in the breeze. Black currants. So lush and mature. Solar powered lights at night.